Welcome to the Wojciechowski lab in the School of Life Sciences at Arizona State University in Tempe.  We study the phylogenetics and the evolution of flowering plants, with a particular emphasis on legumes (family Fabaceae or Leguminosae) and cacti (family Cactaceae).  Our primary areas of interest include the phylogenetic systematics of papilionoid legumes, the genomics of legumes and cacti, and plant community ecology and floristics of western North America.  Our goal is to understand patterns and processes at the macroevolutionary level (e.g., ecology and biogeography, rates of molecular evolution and taxonomic diversification) by integrating empirical data with comparative and phylogenetic methods to infer relationships and evolutionary histories.

Lab News
“A new subfamily classification of the Leguminosae based on a taxonomically comprehensive phylogeny”, by the Legume Phylogeny Working Group published in journal Taxon, February 2017; see Publications page.

Awarded grant from the National Science Foundation, “Plastid genome evolution in Cactaceae, a New World succulent radiation”, beginning June 2017; Lucas Majure, Desert Botanical Garden, Phoenix, Michael Sanderson, University of Arizona, Tucson, and Kelly Steele, Arizona State University, co-PIs.

Main Image:  Plant communities in the higher elevations of southwestern Montana’s Beaverhead County are dominated by sagebrush,  Artemisia tridentata vaseyana (Image: M. Lavin, 2011)